Trachten Shoes: Matching shoes to wear along with your Lederhosen

Your lederhosen is perfectly-fitting, the trachten shirt is buttoned up and the trachten hat is donned. What’s missing? The optimal matching trachten shoes, of course, which put the cherry on top of the cake. You’re literally styled from head to toe with a pair of chic trachten shoes as they look awesome wherever you go!

What to pay attention to when buying Trachten Shoes

A trip to the Oktoberfest gets usually extended, staying longer than originally planned is the case for most visitors. Yet excessive dancing on the beer benches and after-Oktoberfest clubbing takes its toll – trachten shoes for men have to be sturdy and resilient and, above all, comfortable. Still you don’t have to compromise in terms of style, just have a look at our offers on Bavaria Lederhosen and find the perfect pair of trachten shoes for you. When ordering trachten shoes to try them on at home make sure to wander around in your house or flat for at least 20 minutes in order to stretch and warm up the material. As most of today’s men are as stylish as their women, they place high value on the color-matching of trachten shoes and lederhosen. By the way: You should rather buy the trachten shoes one size bigger than usual to assure enough room for a pair of traditional trachten socks, which are made of thick wool!

Classic Haferlschuhe to your Lederhosen

Long-established trachten fans know exactly, there is only one appropriate footwear to wear along with lederhosen & co.: typically alpine Haferlschuhe. The most common of all trachten shoes has a long-standing tradition and is available in different shades of brown and black. Those trachten shoes for men are usually made of velour leather and are decorated with cheeky applications and a sidewise lacing. These special trachten shoes look amazing in combination with lederhosen, a checked trachten shirt and a pair of woolen trachten socks giving you a sense of tradition and home. In terms of shoe care you should solely use special leather care products which gently purge the natural material obtaining the high quality. Every trachten fancier should at least own one pair of Haferlschuhe in order to dress up nicely for the Oktoberfest, festive occasions or else.

Trachten Shoes: Extremely modern!

Trachten shoes also follow current trends and unconventional styles, bringing fresh air into the beer tents. How about some fashionable trachten flip-flops which can be worn to both the Oktoberfest and the beach? These cool trachten shoes are kept in typical alpine colors and are embellished with applications and traditional patterns - the ultimate product of the mix between casualty and traditional trachten style! Trachten sneakers are becoming popular as well and look better to lederhosen and trachten shirt than you might think! These trachten shoes are not only super comfy but also chic and stylish, proving themselves at the Oktoberfest. The sneaker-version of trachten shoes is light-weight, cozy and matches a trachten outfit as well as the everday look!

Trachten Shoes for Men and all those little details

Our assortment of trachten shoes is amazingly large, so choosing your favorite pair might be a hard decision to make! Our tip: Think about the events you might need trachten shoes for. Do you want to wear the shoes solely to the Oktoberfest? Or are you rather looking for trachten shoes you can rock both at the Oktoberfest and in everyday life? Having a close look at the details of trachten shoes will pay off: many models stun with subtle yet incomparable applications which can individualize your style with ease! Alpine check print, traditional embroideries or brooches make the difference!

Trachten Shoes: Matching shoes to wear along with your Lederhosen Your lederhosen is perfectly-fitting, the trachten shirt is buttoned up and the trachten hat is donned. What’s missing? The... read more »